Peace Lane Yorkshire Terriers
This is Olive Oil
Sweet little girl !!  Our
adorable little pet.
Rescued from a Puppy Mill
Producing Tiny Yorkshire Terriers
Peppie La Pu    5lb. Female
Quick Draw MaGraw  5lb. Male
Peppie With Litter
We call her Ollie
Ethan Loves these puppies &
plays with them all the time!!
Previous Litter
Visit To Dr Hoover
Our 4 dogs live in the house with us & have access to a large fenced-in yard,
desgned especially for them.. They can come & go as they please through a
dog entrance  that goes out through my wash room. Also, because of this dog
entrance  and yard, puppies have a head start on house breaking. They simply
follow their parents outside! I do not show dogs but these puppies are AKC
registered & could be shown. They have regular check ups with our vet &
come with their baby vaccinations & worming record. We never have fleas!!
   Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Puppies
Adorable, Affectionate & They do not Shed!!
The Best Family Pets. They Love Everyone
Jonathon sometimes gets too
attached which makes it hard
to part with them
Caitlin Loves to carry the tiny
ones around
Sorry!  Puppies are all adopted!!