Shows & Showing Are Fun!!
The class youth show in, is called "Youth"
Children show in Youth until they are 18. It
teaches them responsibility. Only they can
bring their bunnies to the show table . They
also learn Gods love for His creatures!
The class adults show in, is
called  "Open" Adults of all
ages participate.  What a great
way to make friends!
Rabbit shows are good, clean, inexpensive, family fun! Here are some photos to give you an idea what they are like.
My Holland Lop rabbit partner & friend  Michael  
Working at ARBA ConventionKentucky 2008
Columbus Nationals 2010
Grandaughter "Caitlin"  Eating
a Giant Sucker and
Concentrating   She started
Showing Bunnies at the age of 5
Dana Cole  at Nationals
Friend & Fellow Breeder
National Lionhead Show Wins 2011
Columbus OH
Banquet 2008
Christoher ,
Judi ,
Jereomy &
Becky , &  
Lynn &
Billie Groh (A1 Lionhead Breeding
partner from Chesapeake VA)
2013 Nationals
Meet Billie Groh
Some of our
2010 National
Nationals 2011
Even Grandpa enjoys this big show
The Pride of The Fancy
Holland Lop
Theresa & Cheryl
Lionhead Breeders   (Lionhead Banquet)
Theresa & Cheryl & I ARBA Conv.
Caitlin& I  Nationals 2011
2008 BSSB  ARBA  Conv
Dietrich's Mini Cooper
2005 Nationals BOSB
Peace Lane's Amon
Cindy (Ivy Patch Rabbitry )
She Loves Both Breeds Like I do
Lionhead Banquet
Marilyn Steven  
I (Judi) & Christina  2011
Winners at State College, Pa
The Baileys
You enter the Show Hall & it is packed with tons of Rabbits & Breeders.
You can feel the excitment in the air! You see all your old friends & some new Breeders
too. The first thing you do is get your Rabbits entered & then set up your own little
space. There is usually a Rabbit Supply Vender, Food Concession & Chineese Auction
Table. At bigger shows they often have a Rabbit Auction at some time during the show
& each Breed has its own Booth with tons of information about the Breed & its Club
E - Mail Me
"Emma Soose"   Bought my
first Holland from her in 1999
& I named her Emma
Maya Jordon From Jordan's Rabbitry
The "Stater's Award" is a
Traveling award presented to
NALRC in 2005 by Jean Jasinsky
to honor her dear friend JoAnn
Statler. JoAnn first imported
Lionheads into our country from
England in 2000.
The Statler Memorial Class
consists of 4 Lionheads with the
same Sire or Dam & is judged each
year at the Lionhead Nationals.
This plaque is awarded to the
breeder on consistancy & quality of
these 4 Lionheads.
Statler's Award
Look At These Ribbons
I don't think Dawn
(Bastet's)knows how much she
is apperciated!  She does so
much for our club
Dawn Guth
Ethan with one of his Hollands  "Onya"
Jonathon with one of his Lionheads "Tuleto"
Caiitlin showing of some of
her Trophies for her
Hollands & Polish
The first time you sale to a breeder
in another country is a thrill!!
Thank you Japan!
Mary Mathews BOSB 2013 Nationals Sire was Peace Lane's Santanna. Even new
Breeders can get a big win!
My Grandaughter Caitlin & I with her big BOSB  win (youth) with Peace Lane's
Tanakwa 2013 National win
Mary & Chrissy
New Breeders Welcome
Lionheads Breeders waiting for the
Standards Comittee decision to accept
Lionheads as a Breed